Head shot of woman with long, straight, dark-brown hair in a black, lightly patterned v-neck top

Tamta Khalvashi

Tamta Khalvashi is Professor of Anthropology and Head of the PhD Program of Social and Cultural Anthropology at Ilia State University in Georgia. She obtained her PhD in Anthropology from Copenhagen University (2015). She has been awarded postdoctoral fellowships from the Fulbright Program at Department of Anthropology, New York University (2016-2017), and the Society for the Humanities, Cornell University (2022-23). Tamta’s research is situated at the intersection of experimental anthropology, the interdisciplinary field of affect theory, and urban anthropology with a particular interest in marginality, space and materiality. Her article Horizons of Medea: Economies and Cosmologies of Dispossession (Journal of Royal Anthropological Institute, 2018) has been awarded Honorary Mention from Soyuz (Postsocialist Cultural Studies Research Network of the American Anthropological Association) in the Article Price Annual Competition (2018). Currently, Tamta is finalizing two books Peripheral Shame: Affective City and Politics on the Margins of Georgia and A Sea of Transience: Politics, Poetics, and Aesthetics Along the Black Sea Coast (with Martin Demant Frederiksen).

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